Sarah Withers Lic.Ac. MAcS FEA


Five Element Acupuncturist

practicing in North West London

Testimonials :

My knowledge of acupuncture is not that extensive, and this is the first time I have experienced acupuncture treatment of any sort, but in the short time I have been undergoing treatment I have been amazed at how fast it has worked. My symptoms virtually disappeared after the first treatment, which I couldn't believe. I have been suffering from insomnia for over 10 years, so to be able to sleep again right through the night after one treatment feels like a mini-miracle. ..... more

Sarah's clinic has such a serene atmosphere you feel calmer the moment you step through the door.  Miraculously my arthritic knee has not flared up once since beginning acupuncture and I always have a surge of energy immediately after each session. .... more

Five element acupuncture is an ancient system of preventative medicine that works on the principle that all disease arises from an imbalance in a person’s energy. Acupuncture treatment restores the body to its natural balance inducing wellbeing and preventing illness.

After having had just a few sessions of five element acupuncture I experienced such positive changes in my attitude to life, energy level and general well being I decided on a complete career change and spent 3 years training in five element acupuncture.

I treat from the Haelen Centre Treatment rooms in Crouch End, N8.

I am a member of The Acupuncture Society and follow their regulations and code of ethics.

If you would like to find out how acupuncture might help you call me on 07798 523 844 or email me at