Having signed up for acupuncture with Sarah over a year ago to obtain some balance and well-being in my life, I can truly say it has been a very uplifting experience. During this time period she’s assisted me with everything from kidney problems to insomnia, always with maximum time and effort spent getting to the root of the problem to treat. I feel the amelioration in my mind and body over the past year has been a journey we have travelled together. I'm fortunate to have found a clinic where I'm very comfortable with this amount of personal involvement; they are professional, understanding, considerate and very good at putting you at ease both physically and emotionally. The halo effect of a visit is often a spring in the step all day.

Z.B age 34

I decided to attend a course of acupuncture after completing 3 weeks of radiotherapy as my energy was low and I felt the need for an MOT after my treatment. Sarah and her colleagues put me at ease straight away and I felt as if I was in very safe hands. The treatment was gentle and exactly what I needed at the time. The acupuncture helped me through a difficult time and also helped me get back on track physically and mentally and after what my body and mind had been through. I feel it was of great benefit.

C. L age 41

My knowledge of acupuncture is not that extensive, and this is the first time I have experienced acupuncture treatment of any sort, but in the short time I have been undergoing treatment I have been amazed at how fast it has worked. My symptoms virtually disappeared after the first treatment, which I couldn't believe. I have been suffering from insomnia for over 10 years, so to be able to sleep again right through the night after one treatment feels like a mini-miracle. The clinic is a very calm, safe and welcoming place to be in and the people make you feel completely relaxed. I had a phobia about needles so was extremely nervous for the first treatment. However, that went away very soon as I relaxed due to the gentle concern with which I was being looked after. I just felt safe and that I wouldn't be harmed. 

A.G age 52

Sarah and Victoria have done a truly remarkable job with my health.  When I was first introduced to them at the Source Clinic in November 2011, I was suffering from a range of chronic conditions - the legacy of previous surgery and chemotherapy - and exacerbated by anxiety over my husband’s own recently diagnosed condition and the punishing treatment he was undergoing.  Following a sympathetic overview, Sarah used Five Element acupuncture to drain the accumulated toxins from my body.   After a subsequent course of treatment, lasting only a short number of weeks, my energy channels were unblocked and I was restored to a level of vitality and state of mind where I could cope much better.  An added bonus was that the many food intolerances that I had accumulated over the years (including wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar) began to recede and I have since regained a normal eating pattern. The side-effects of the Law of Cure which I underwent for a time were definitely worth this end result and anyone else facing issues with this process should bear in mind the considerable long-term gain.  My former chronic complaints have subsided and I now feel, touch wood, quite simply, a different person!    

A.M age 54

Sarah's clinic has such a serene atmosphere you feel calmer the moment you step through the door.  Miraculously my arthritic knee has not flared up once since beginning acupuncture and I always have a surge of energy immediately after each session. I am recommending all my friends visit Sarah to see what acupuncture does for them.

E.O age 49

I started acupuncture  during a very difficult period in my life, I found the combination of the treatment, an hour out of life and  talking helped me cope during this time. I looked forward to appointments and left the clinic feeling like a weight had been lifted off me. I started going weekly at first but am now going every couple of months and the appointments have become less about coping and more about positivity and moving forward.  I felt at ease and able to talk openly from my first appointment and would recommend treatment from Sarah to anyone.

A.B age 37